Friday, December 09, 2005

Body Language - Mini Surey

Body Language

1. Introduction
        Today, the importance of effective communicate is rising. Now if you go to a book store, you will see many books about a good speech, a job interview and something like that. Even young students and housewives are learning speech skills in order to communicate well at school or TV.
        However, many people don't know the influence of nonverbal communication. Actually, body language, nonverbal communication is very important to communicate messages. The nonverbal communication is an automatic behavior, so understanding people's body languages is more important than anything else. Therefore, people need to know what body language is good or not and what body language means.
        A study (Mehrabian, 1976) reported that body language comprises 55% of the force of any response, whereas the verbal content only provides 7%, and "paralanguage" represents 38% of the emphasis. Researchers state nonverbal behavior always communicates. Even small behaviors are important in relationship (Seal, 1997). In addition, nonverbal behaviors, whether people involve the hands, the eyes, or the muscle tone of the body, usually occur in packages. It means that these movements do not occur in isolation (Seal, 1997). Many studies have been working on nonverbal language and studying the nonverbal communication is more important in communication theory.
        I decided to observe body language of people at the Student Center of Southern Illinois University.
        I wanted to know whether people frequently use body language like verbal communication. I wanted to know what body language is more common to people when they are talking. Also, I wondered what different points are between men and women.
        I believed that people always make nonverbal communication like verbal communication. In addition, many people say women tend to express their emotion more than men, so I expected females to use more frequently the parts of bodies than males. In other words, it meant men usually don't use gestures as much as women.
I wanted to compare body language of American with Asian but I couldn't. Because there are few Asian students in the Student Center, it is too difficult for me to compare them with Americans.

2. Methods and Procedure
        I observed 14 people, 7 males and 7 females, and all Americans. The males consisted of 3 white males and 4 black males. The females consisted of 5 white females and 2 black females. The age of males was 18-35 but one person is around 60. Also, the age of females was 18-35 but two persons are 45-50. The young age people were students, and other old people seemed to be employees. I looked at people in the cafeteria at the Student Center. Most people were having lunchtime and they were talking with each other. However, they weren't eating food. I tried to find points of difference between the sexes in order to compare men with women. Also, it is impossible to choose only one gesture of people, so I recorded all their behaviors at the same time.

3. Results
        All people made body gestures when they were talking. People always tried to make eye contact when they had a conversation; all males and females made eye contact (100%). When they were talking to someone, they usually used hands and arms more than other parts of a body; 71.4% of males used hands and arms body languages, and 85.7% of females also used their hands and arms. Females were more likely to use their hands than males; females used their hands (71.4%) and males used the hands. (28.5%) However, males (42.8%) used their arms but only a few females (14.2%) used arms. I considered these gestures; the hands gestures mean behaviors such as hand shaking, hands with a partner, fingers touch and so on. The arms gestures are raising or holding arms. The head gestures are nod or shaking head, and the leg gestures mean the behaviors like leg shaking, swing and tremble foot.
        In general, males and females were likely to make nonverbal communication, and I expected the results. They were having lunch at cafeteria, so they usually used their hands and arms.

4. Discussion and Conclusion
        It was not surprising that most people used body language when they were talking. They frequently made eye contact and they were usually using their hands and arms. I think that using hands is easier than other parts of body. Also, hands gestures seem to be a more powerful behavior.
        Especially, females made more hand gestures than males. In addition, the hand gesture of females is stronger than males. On contrast, males tend to use arms more than females. The arms behaviors are such as folding or raising arms.
        It was surprising to me males made nonverbal communication like females. I thought that males usually don't like to make body language but they move frequently parts of their body.
        If I were to do the survey over again, I would try to find points of difference between American students and international students. I think Americans tend to use more nonverbal communication than Asians. I hope that I study the difference between their behaviors.

5. References
Mehrabian, A. (1976). In Bodily communication, NY: International Universities Press.
Seal, B. (1997). Body Language. In Academic encounters (pp.135-136). NY : Cambridge.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

My Plans for Thanksgiving Break

My Plans for Thanksgiving Break

        I have several plans for Thanksgiving break. One of my plans is having time to rest from the fatigue of New York travel. I was so tired during the trip, and my parents were also. So, I want to have free time at my house. The other one is shopping with my family. Actually, I excepted I wanted to shopping in New York but I couldn't. I heard people say many stores discount on the day after Thanksgiving in Carbondale. I will buy discounted stuff for my family and friends. And I have to study and do homework because I couldn't go to school last week. Also, I want to meet my Korean friends, so I will study English with them. Last, my most important plan is going to a Thanksgiving party. My American friend invited me to her Thanksgiving party. She is my church friend and very kind to me. I am so excited about the party because I never have participated in an American Thanksgiving party. I may be going to meet many international students and Americans. I hope the plans are gonna be perfect.

The important factors in my decisions

The important factors in my decisions

        There are many facts that influence to me make decisions. I am sure people who influenced to my decisions in my life are my family. I think that when I was young, I was influenced my family. However, now, I tend to ask my friends about my trouble, job and future. Also, my favorite books and movies are other important facts. First of all, the important decision that I had to make is my major in university. In fact, I have grown up in artful family. My parents were interested in art, and my father had a job correlation with art. Also, my brother and I liked drawing, taking pictures and something like that. Therefore, when I had to choose my major, I joyfully selected design and then I was working at design company. Next, my friends also influence my decisions. Especially, whether my friends who have same idea with me or not, they usually tend to influence to me. Finally, I believe that books and movies are important education. I didn’t read a lot of books and I didn't watch many movies yet, but they are always impressed me. I can get new ideas and good feeling from there because books and movies have interesting stories that I have never experienced. Also, I learn a lesson from the books and movies. I think there are many factors to make decisions, and all of the factors are mixed in my mind.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Problems of International Students

Soojin Jang

Problems of International Students

        There are many international students in USA. When they decide to study abroad, they are full of hope rather than worry about their new life in a strange land. While they prepare to study abroad, actually they don't provide for their new living. Because they must prepare many things such as VISA, they don't have enough time to research the new life. They are leaving their homeland with sweet dreams, but when they arrive at USA, they face unexpected problems. When they come there, everything is confusing to them for a good while. Several problems that I want to focus on in living abroad are communication problems, different culture and a sense of alienation as a stranger.

        First of all, one of the problems is how to communicate their opinions to Americans and other international students. Even though they got high score of TOEFL and study English, they have some language problems. Many students from abroad are in difficult situations when they have lectures at school. It is difficult to experience English conversation in their countries. It is too difficult to learn speaking English because they can’t speak English for a long time. They practice speaking and listening to English but they usually speak their own language. Therefore, usually people advise students who want to study abroad to have a language school course. But international students have to study English even though they enter a university. They have too many things on their hands. They should study hard their majors in order to finish study as soon as possible and get a scholarship. Consequently, the students have to study English and their majors at the same time. Also, when they arrive in the USA, they are often embarrassed in real situations. And even though they have to make opportunities to meet native speakers, they can not do that because of no time. Therefore, the vicious cycle of the situation is always with international students. Especially, native speakers' slang makes it impossible that the international students communicate with young native speakers. Also, their fast speaking is one of problems. Sometimes, because of miscommunication, native speakers and international students give an unpleasant feeling to each other. Now and then it makes serious problems.
        Next, many international students get into trouble at school because of different culture. Most of them have a preconceived idea about Americans because of Hollywood movies. Therefore, it takes them a long time to understand American students. They tend to think that Americans always enjoy parties and are lazy people. However, it is not true. Many American students are very competitive and work hard. Also, they are punctual. Another problem is that Asian students expect classmates to become best friends in university life. Most of Asian students spend a lot of time with their classmates, so they usually study, work and even date in a group. However, when international students arrive at campus in USA, they are surprised that many students walk alone on campus. Later, the international students realize that many American students like individual life and they don't want to be bothered.
        When they have lectures at school or meet their American professors, they have another problem. Usually, Korean and Japanese think that asking too many questions or questions unrelated to class work during class time is rude behavior. They like to ask professors after class time rather than in class time. Also, they are unfamiliar with calling professors by name. Asian students think people should respect old people as a professor. However, American professors want to be friendly called their name from Asian students.
        Of course, Asian students acclimate their to the new environment well, but they need time to adapt. One of serious problems is about roommates. Many international students have to live with roommates, but they are confronted with a different culture. Sometimes, they have arguments about things such as cooking, religion and different life style. For example, my Korean friend who lives with 7 American students doesn't cook Korean food that has peculiar smell because of her roommates. Many international students are in trouble because of foods. As was stated above, many foreigners can’t cook food that they want. Because sometimes the food has unfamiliar smell and appearance, other foreigners and Americans don't like that. Although now there are many international foods and materials in America, international students can’t freely cook and eat them. Naturally, they miss their food and especially their mother's cooking.
        American roommates want to share responsibilities and duties fifty-fifty. In addition, American students don't want to care about roommates but also they don't want to be interrupted by roommates. Sometimes, they have lived in different environment and, what is worse, they have a language barrier. It maybe raises problems.
        Finally, many international students can easily feel a sense of homesickness and alienation. Especially, when they have their own holiday, they miss family and friends. On their holidays, they usually call and send letters to family instead of going to home countries. Conversely, during American holidays, international students are left in an empty town. Accordingly it makes them feel more lonely. Most of international students say that they often feel like a minority. It is quite natural for foreigners to feel a sense of alienation abroad. Moreover, there are some problems from different races. Occasionally, international students are avoided without reasons. Also, international students and Americans have preconceived ideas, so they misunderstand each other. The students are isolated and they have to stick together.

        In conclusion, many international students have problems such as communication, different culture and homesickness. However, the reason why many international students go to USA are that they believe it will be a good opportunity. Although there are many problems in living abroad, many international students try to adapt to the new environment as a new social member. I know that America supports foreigners who want to live in America. I hope Americans sympathize with many international students in difficulties. Also, I want to advise people who have a plan to study abroad. If you want to live in America or anywhere, you should be prepared fully about living abroad.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

“Types of Love”

Writing Class

Soojin Jang

Summary of “Types of Love”

        In the article “Types of Love,” Bernard Seal says that there are different types of relationships in love. First, in ludus love, people retain a relationship only as long as the partner is interesting and amusing as a game. Second, storgic love develops slowly, without passion and intensity, but storgic lovers tend to retain the relationship over long periods, because they share similar needs and interests. Next, manic love is an intense feeling of love, and the manic lover has not only extreme jealousy but also worry about loss of the love. Pragma love is a practical relationship in which people try to seek a relationship for their wants and desires, sometimes through computer matching services. Last, erotic love means people focus on physical attractiveness, are ego-centered, and seek hedonism. Also, erotic lovers want to exchange equally valuable love. In conclusion, the author says each type of love has particular specifications.

Response to “Types of Love”

        Although the author says that love can be grouped into several types, but actually such types are very ambiguous because people have various characters and they meet lovers in very different situations. Therefore, people have experienced their own love stories. It is not too much to say that love is above everything else. It is possible to have all types of love at the same time. However, in order to get successful love or marriage, you should try to do something for you and your partner. There are two points that we have to do for love.
        First, we should respect and understand each other. People need a person who counsels and listens to everything as a best friend, mother, and brother. If your partner helps you when you are in trouble, your relationship can be developed for a long time. Also, a lover's advice can give the partner a lot of courage. In addition, if we recognize the differences between each other, we can feel comfortable.
        Next, we should have an unshaken faith that love is the only one. Some people believe love is not forever and love always makes people tired, but actually, love can give people plenty of energy in a monotonous life. Especially, it is very special feeling to think someone connects to me as Adarm and Eve. I don't want to be a manic lover, but I am sure I have to have desire about my love. If you want fine and continuous relationship with your lover, you should try to persevere in your efforts.
        In conclusion, I believe that in order to have true love people should respect and understand each other in trust. Also, having the desire about love is very important. I think I should try to do something for my love. I really want my heart to be throbbing to see my husband when I will become a grandmother.

Seal, B. (1997). Types of love. In Academic encounters (pp.203-205). NY : Cambridge.

Monday, November 07, 2005

"Catch Me If You Can" - #2

EAP1 Culture Through Film Class

by Soojin

Frank Jr has grown in lovely family. He has good ability to speak prompt and wisely. Especially, it seems to inherit his talent from his father. However, his father's business is failed and his parents get divorce, so he decide run away from house and try to get money. He is very young, so he try to get money using his talents, fraud. He believe if he get a lot of money, his parents could live together again.

His father, Frank Sr loves his wife and son. Especially, he is always proud of marriage to his wife. Although he had a good business, he is investigated by the government for tax fraud. Then he is failed the business, his family have to move to a humble and small house. Though his wife leave him, he still loves his wife. Also he is an innate businessman and smart, so he seems to know his son's talent and understand the behaviors. He has a strong trust and confidence about his only son.

Carl Hanratty is an officer who works for FBI, he lives alone without family. He is a hard worker rather than an innate investigator. Although he misses the young con man, he never gives up to chase the guy. He has devoted himself to his job. He is not only an obstinate and serious person but also a warm-hearted person. He recognizes Frank( Frank Jr.)'s talent, he gives Frank an opportunity to work at FBI. He become a friend with Frank.

Also, I am interested in Brenda Strong character, she is not strong as her last name. She is a passivity and docility person, but she knows to express her love. She had a abortion, so her parents kicked out her. She wants to live her parents and Frank.

The movie is a story about family and belief. A high school student Frank Abagnale Jr. loves and models his father who is investigated by the government for tax fraud. When his parents got divorce, Frank runs away from house to NY. He becomes a con man who successfully impersonated a pilot, doctor and attorney, cashing more than $2.5 million in fraudulent checks. Although he try to keep doing that in order to help his father's business get his parents back together, finally, he is caught by an FBI agent tracks down. Frank and the FBI agent, Carl Hanratty start to a criminal and an investigator, but they become to friends as father and son.

My favorite element of the movie is a period piece. I can see a color of each scene as brown, red, blue black and something like that. These are very important factors that express a situation and actors' psychological description. Also, clothes of actors are not only old but also modern. I was interested in a Cadillac, stewardess, hair styles of women and so on.

If you like Tom Hanks, you should watch the movie.
If you don't like Leonardo DiCaprio, you must watch the movie.
If you watch the movie, you will fall in love again with Tom's new appearance and surprise Leonardo's brilliant acting.
"Catch Me If You Can" is a movie for two heros, Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"Catch Me If You Can" - #1

EAP1 Culture Through Film Class

"Catch Me If You Can"
.about Carl Hanratty character

I like Carl Hanratty character. Actually, one of my favorite actors is Tom Hanks. Therefore, I was very interested in his character. I think his performance was amazing in the movie. Also, the movie is based on real story, so I was impressed by the attractive movie.

Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks)'s character is not only an obstinate and serious person but also a warm-hearted person. He lives separated from his family. Although he is not good at humor, I really like his character. I still remember "Knock Knock". Anyway, he has tenacity of purpose, so he shows his efforts in order to catch Frank Jr. He seems to feel compassion for Frank Jr.

However, although he works hard to catch the young con man, he misses the criminal when he sees his face. His boss suggests he gives up to find Frank Jr.

I think that he will keep going to seek Frank Jr. Maybe he could find Frank Jr, and he will help the young smart boy who is in trouble.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Exercise Today

        Today, many people are interested in health, so they often try to do exercise. Also, companies are cashing in on health and government has a policy for supporting health programs. When we turn on the TV and Internet, we can easily find a lot of information about exercise and health programs. However, many people know health benefits of exercise of exercise but they still fail to exercise regularly. I agree that it is difficult to maintain n exercise
        Seal (1997) in “Exercise” says that people know exercise helps the body and mind, but regular exercise is difficult for people maintain. Researchers found that people who exercised regularly lived longer than people who did not. Also, exercise may help to lower cholesterol and to protect arteries. In addition, exercise can improve the health by helping someone to lose weight and by relieving depression. However, many people tend to give up regularly exercise within three to six months because the people feel bored exercise. Psychologists say people who exercise need support of spouses and other who exercise together. People have to fit routine exercise into their life. I agree that it is difficult for people exercise routine but exercising regularly is very important. I suggest several advices to maintain exercise. First, if you want to do exercise are a long time, you should do it together with your friends, your family and your girl friend (boy friend). When you want to quit being bored and do hard exercise, your friends strengthen your hand. Also, you should share information about exercise and health with other people. When you share your experience and some information with other people, you can check your exercise and change ways of exercise. Next, set your target. A specific and particular a goal makes you do exercise regularly. Also, if you want a healthy and good body, you should put some pictures that have nice body on the wall in your room or on the refrigerator. These will make it easier reach your goal. Finally, you should try to enjoy the exercise. Actually, regularly exercise tends to be boring, so it is important to enjoy the exercise everyday and over a long time. For example, if you try to do different exercises simultaneously, you can exercise for a long time without boring.
        In conclusion, if you want exercise for a long time, you should do exercise together your friends, set a specific a goal and try to enjoy the exercise. I hope that many people keep their health by maintaining exercise.

Referense: Seal, B. (1997) Academic Encounters Human behavior: Exercise Today. Cambridge University Press, NY